Creative Morning Magic

Do you dream of becoming a writer or an artist_ Do you struggle to find time to create_ Introducing a powerful new morning routine for creatives. (2)

Do you dream of becoming a writer? Do you struggle to make time for creativity even though you know you should?

Have you ever tried to form better daily habits that fell off after a few days or weeks?

Then Creative Morning Magic is for you.

Human beings are innately creative, yet most of us think of creativity as an all-or-nothing pursuit. If we can’t quit our day jobs to become writers or artists, time to create gets lost in the shuffle of work and family life. We need a way to integrate creativity into our daily routine — a method that embraces our lives as they are.

Warm, honest, and down-to-earth, Creative Morning Magic is a step-by-step guide to incorporating creative passions into our busy lives. Drawing on neuroscience, Eastern thought, and her own experiences as an author, Tarah Thornburg offers practical advice for carving out the time to write or make art, using meditation to quiet the inner critic, and cultivating a lifelong relationship with creativity.

Fans of The Artist’s WayBig Magic, and Writing Down the Bones will love Creative Morning Magic. Thornburg confronts the cultural narrative that we must sacrifice our art to get ahead and that a person’s true vocation is the one that pays the bills. It’s the permission slip we’ve all been waiting for to make time for our art each day.

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